How to Use the Fast Travel Station in "Assassin's Creed 2"

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

"Assassin's Creed 2," released in 2009, improved upon the original game in many ways. One such way was introducing a fast travel system through the use of fast travel stations. A fast travel station, when used, allows your character to move quickly between the different regions of the game it has previously been to. Understanding how to use a fast travel station will decrease the amount of time spent traveling, allowing you to move to the next mission faster.

Open your map.

Locate the fast travel station on your map. The fast travel station icon is two arrows pointing in two different directions.

Travel to the location indicated on your map.

Press the "Interact" button while standing in front of the fast travel station. This button is different for each system but is displayed on-screen when next to the fast travel station.

Select the region on the map you wish to travel to. Once it is selected, you are automatically taken to the nearest fast travel station in that region.


Using the fast travel station requires a small fee, which varies depending on the region you are traveling to.


You cannot use the fast travel station to go to a region you have not yet discovered.