How to Rig the Election in the Republic of Dave in "Fallout 3"

By Louis Raczka

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • 50+ sneak skill, or a stealth boy cloaking device

  • 50+ speech skill

A bit of sleight-of-hand at the ballot box can change the future of the Republic of Dave.
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In "Fallout 3" for Windows PC-based computer systems and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles, you can help President Dave organize the yearly election of the Republic of Dave, located in the northeast corner of the Capital Wasteland. President Dave will be the initial entry in the election, but you can convince Republic of Dave residents Bob and Rosie to run in the election against President Dave. Fellow Republic of Dave residents Shawna and Jessica will only vote for President Dave and will ensure his victory in a legitimate election, but you can alter the election results to benefit another candidate of the election.


Talk to President Dave in the Republic of Dave's main building. Always use dialogue options that refer to President Dave with his formal title, or President Dave will become hostile. Tell President Dave you will help with the election, and he will tell you to talk to Bob, Rosie, Jessica and Shawna.

Save your game, then talk to Bob and Rosie. Convince at least one of them to run in the election. Load your saved game if you fail to convince them to run and try to convince them again.

Talk to Shawna and Jessica about the election. Neither can be convinced to vote for a candidate other than President Dave, so President Dave will win a legitimate election. Talk to President Dave and tell him that all other election votes have been cast. President Dave will walk to the ballot box to tally the votes.

Follow President Dave to the ballot box and crouch to enter stealth mode. Position yourself so that you can interact with the ballot box while the green Hidden text is visible at the top of the screen. Use a Stealth Boy to cloak yourself if you cannot successfully hide and trigger the green Hidden text while close to the ballot box. Save your game.

Interact with the ballot box immediately after President Dave unlocks the voting box and remove all votes for candidates other than the candidate you want to win. Load your saved game and try again if President Dave takes all votes out of the voting box before you can remove undesired votes. President Dave will count the votes and will storm out of the Republic of Dave if he is not the winner. If Bob or Rosie wins the election, talk to the winner of the election to receive the code to Dave's safe, where you can find Ol' Painless, a unique hunting rifle.