How to Loot in "World of Warcraft" Without Using Your Mouse

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

Whenever you kill an enemy in “World of Warcraft,” you will likely be able to click his corpse and collect any items that he dropped; this is known as looting. By default, you must click the enemy’s corpse and then click each item in the loot window to acquire that item, which, unsurprisingly, becomes annoying fairly fast. You can opt to turn on the game’s Auto Loot feature to speed up the process. Auto Loot automatically takes the loot without the need to click on each individual item.

Press Esc once you start “World of Warcraft” with your chosen character. Click Interface Options.

Click the Game tab and select Controls. Click the check box next to Auto Loot in the window to the right, if there is no check mark present.

Click the yellow down arrow under Loot Key. Select None if you wish to automatically loot the enemy without pressing any additional buttons. Otherwise, select one of the modifiers, such as Ctrl or Shift. If you choose a modifier, you must hold down that button while checking the loot to acquire the dropped items.