How to See How Much AT&T Minutes, Data, & Text I Have Left

by Tiffany Raiford ; Updated September 28, 2017

AT&T is a cellular phone provider that offers cell phone plans to users across the world. AT&T customers have a choice of plans for cell phones that include varying amounts of minutes, internet data usage and text messages. If you want to know how much of your plan allowances you’ve used for the month you can find out by calling AT&T or visiting your account on the AT&T website.

Account Information Online

Go to the AT&T website to view your account, which provides you with up-to-date information as to how many minutes, data usage and text messages you have remaining on your account. Enter your user name and password on the homepage to login to your account.

Locate the “My Usage Summary” on your account overview page. The number of minutes you have used for the current billing cycle appear under this section.

Check your data usage by clicking the “Usage and Recent Activity” link in your account. Your data usage will appear on the following screen. The number of text messages you have sent and the number you have remaining also appear on this screen.

Account Information by Phone

Use your AT&T cell phone to dial *646# and press send. AT&T sends a text message of your used and available minutes to your cell phone.

Dial *3282# and push send to have a text message of your data usage for the current billing cycle sent to your cell phone.

View the number of remaining text messages you have this billing cycle in the same text message that reports your data usage.

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