How to Make Your Own PNG Images

By Dan Swords

Updated September 22, 2017

Edit your favorite images and convert them into transparent PNG files.
i Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

Portable Network Graphics, or PNGs (pronounced “pings”) are the next generation GIF or Graphic Interchange File. PNG files allow more colors — about 16 million as compared to the GIF that only has 256 colors. PNGs are better quality images that make them great for digital images. Save these files electronically or send them to your favorite website. PNGs also have better transparency qualities. With that, you can cut your favorite image or person out of one image and paste it into another image. If you haven’t tried it yet, follow these steps and give it a try, it’s easy.

Open Paint Shop Pro (see Resources for a free, trial version). Click on “File” then “New”. The “New Image” window will open. Click on the “Image dimensions” drop down and select “Inches”. Use the “Width” and “Height” drop downs to select the image size. Set the resolution to 300 pixels per inch. Set the background color pull down to “Transparent”. Click on “OK” to continue. The new pallet or canvas will open. The background is gray and white checkerboard; this indicates that it is a transparent background.

Open a second image. Click on the “Freehand” tool. The “Freehand” tool is located in the “Tool Palette” toolbar. If the “Tool Palette” is not visible, click on “View” and select “Toolbars,” then click on the “Tool Palette” checkbox. Use the “Freehand” tool to trace or “cut” an object or person out of the image. Click the left mouse button and hold it down while you trace the image. After the selected item has been “cut” from the picture, click on “Edit” then “Copy” to save the image to your clipboard.

Select the transparent pallet. Click on “Edit” then select “Paste” and “As New Layer” to paste the image. After all of the editing work is complete, click on “File” then “Save As” to save the image. The “Save As” window will open. Click on the “Save as type” drop down and select “Portable Network Graphics”. Then click on “Save” to save the file.