How to Ban a Player on TF2

by Joshua PhillipsUpdated September 22, 2017

"Team Fortress 2" is a multi-player team-based first-person shooter for the PC. To play the game online, you must connect to a server, generally owned by other gamers. Teamwork is important in "Team Fortress 2," and when someone is ruining the game for others, the administrator of the server can ban that player. To ban a player, you must do so from your Team Fortress 2 server while in-game.

Press the "~" button on your keyboard to bring up the console.

Type "r_con password" followed by your password and press "Enter." You are now logged onto the server as the administrator.

Type "banid" followed by the player's name.

Press "Enter." That player is now banned from your server. If the player is currently playing, he will be kicked from the server immediately.


Only the administrator of a server can ban a player.

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