How to Get a Wolf Flute in Ragnarok

By Dan Komienski

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Ragnarok Online" is a massively multiplayer role playing game, or MMORP for short. One of the objects of this game, which pits you against monsters and rival players in a fantasy world, is to earn certain job titles. The Wolf Flute is awarded to players who have earned the title "Ranger." The Ranger job title quest requires you to pass three tests in the Turtle Island area of the game.

Go to Turtle Island. Make sure your weight is 0 to be eligible for the quest.

Talk to the Survival Instructor in Alberta. Tell him you want to change jobs and agree to the test. You will receive Fly Wings, 500 Arrows and one test bow.

Fly to the Test Instructor with your Fly Wings. He will tell you he is hungry and wants one Wing of Dragonfly.

Kill a dragonfly and present it to the Test Instructor. He will set you on your Ranger Job Quest.

Enter the test waiting pub and await your turn.

Complete the first test where you must kill fifteen enemies of the "Poring" species.

Complete the second test where you must set traps and get to the instructor within three minutes.

Complete the third test where you must control a wolf to remove a bomb. Make sure you talk to the test supervisor within three minutes of completing your previous test. Upon completion, speak with the supervisor again to be transformed into a Ranger and awarded one Sniper Goggle, One Green Apple Ring, and one Wolf Flute.