How to Get a Charmander as Your Starter in "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon"

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

In most "Pokémon" games, you begin the game by choosing from one of three possible starter Pokémon. In "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon," however, the game selects a starter Pokémon for you based on your answers to a personality quiz. If you know how to answer the questions, you can get any Pokemon you want -- including Charmander. Charmander is ideal for players who like Fire-type Pokémon. He is powerful right from the start, but when he evolves into the dragon, Charizard, few foes will be able to stand in your way.

Decide whether you want to play as a girl or a boy. This effects the way you need to answer the questions. To get a Charmander as a boy, you must give the "Hardy" answer to questions. For girls, you must give the response that is considered "Brave."

Reply "Yes" if asked whether you want to go bungee jumping. If you are asked what you'd do if a friend was being bullied, choose either "Heckle the bully from behind" or "Face up to the bully."

Answer "Give it away" if you are asked about what you'd do with lottery winnings. If you're asked what you would do when the going gets tough, answer "Yes."

Respond "Fight" if asked about an alien invasion. In the follow-up question, answer "Refuse." If you get a question about a scream from behind a door, reply "Yank open the door."

Reply "Bravely declare my love" if asked about a person you like. Say "Full" if asked how much you would fill a bucket with water.

Say "No" if you are asked if you ever run out of things to do. Reply "No" if asked if you consider yourself over cautious and dull.

Answer "No" if asked whether you often yawn. Say "No" if asked if you fall asleep without noticing.

Reply "No problem" if you are asked about going into haunted houses. Say "Yes" if asked whether you can focus on something that you like.

Answer "No" when asked if you're often late for school. Reply "Yes" if asked if there are many things you want to do.

Say "Study Hard" if asked about an upcoming test. Reply either "Close the lid without a word" or "Shake hands with it" if asked about a hand extending out of a toilet.

Reply "Um, could you say that again?" if asked about not understanding a foreign person's conversation. Say "Help without hesitation" or "Help, even if scared" if asked what you'd do to a delinquent that was harassing a girl.

See if you got Charmander as your starter Pokémon when the quiz is over. If not, just reset the game and try again.


There are 50 questions in the quiz, but you'll only be asked nine of them. As a result, you may not get the questions you need to obtain a Charmander. If you don't get them, reset the game and take the quiz again until you do.