How Can I Get the Crane to Move in "Chrono Trigger"

by Alfie NoakesUpdated September 22, 2017

"Chrono Trigger" is a classic Japanese role-playing game released for the Nintendo SNES in 1995 and then rereleased on the Nintendo DS in 2008. In the game, you will come across a Factory level that requires you to take control of a crane to help move some barrels to allow you to proceed. To do this, two sets of codes must be entered, one after another.

Approach the Crane in the Factory level. Locate the control panel next to it.

Enter "X" followed by "A," when signed into the crane's control panel, to automatically move the first load of barrels.

Enter "B," followed by "B" again, to activate the Crane once more to automatically pick up and move the remaining obstacles.

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