How Do I Get a Black Belt in "FireRed"?

By Luis Delgado

Updated September 22, 2017

A Black Belt will increase the power of fighting moves by 10%.
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The second-generation games in the "Pokemon" series allowed you to give your Pokemon items to hold and use during battle. Some of these items restore health or remove status effects during battle, while others increase the power of your Pokemon's moves. In the third-generation game "Pokemon FireRed," one of these power-up items, the Black Belt, cannot be found or purchased through normal means but can be obtained by following a few specific instructions.

Get a Pokemon with the Dark move Thief. Thief is a low damage move that has a chance to steal any held item from an opponent provided the Pokemon using it isn't holding one already. Poochyena, Lombre and Kecleon learn this move naturally. You can also teach this move to a wide range of Pokemon using the Technical Machine #46 found on Mt. Moon.

Travel to Route 15. This route is to the east of Fuschia town. Look for two Martial Artist type Trainers. This will lead to a double battle with the Crush Kin Ron and Maya. The battle will be against a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee. Use Thief on one of them until the move is successful. Finish the battle.

Use Thief to remove the Black Belt from one of the Pokemon you just battled. Use the Vs Seeker, obtained from the Pokemon Center in Vermillion City, to challenge the duo again. Use Thief on the other Pokemon to take the second Black Belt.