How to Get a Legendary Trait in "The Sims Medieval"

By Darcy Logan

Updated September 22, 2017

In order to receive a legendary trait in “The Sims Medieval,” you must complete one of six special quests. Legendary traits replace a hero’s fatal flaw. There are a total of ten different legendary traits, but your hero will only have three to choose from should he successfully complete the required quest.

Use the “Fountain of Legend” quest to get a legendary trait for any of your heroes. The quest revolves around your Sim’s Fatal Flaw and requires you to correctly answer a riddle at the end to get the legendary trait. Hint: Select the answer that is closely related to your character’s fatal flaw.

Defeat a dragon, either through force or friendship, to gain a legendary trait in “The Dragon of (Kingdom Name)." This can only be completed by the monarch, wizard, knight, merchant or bard once they have reached Level 5. Although a secondary hero is part of this quest, only the primary hero will gain a legendary trait.

Solve the “Invasion!” quest to gain a legendary trait for your spy, knight, merchant or wizard. This is one of the trickier quests to complete. Depending on which option you choose (defeat with deceit, secure with swords or stop with secrets) it may be done solo or with another Sim. Only the primary hero will receive a legendary trait.

Earn a legendary trait for your knight with the “War Games” quest. This quest requires you to duel and defeat several combatants. In order to get the legendary trait, you will need to win the final duel with the Black Knight.

Select “The Philosopher’s Stone” to gain a legendary trait for your wizard. This quest is somewhat similar to the “Seven Mechanical Arts” in that it requires your wizard to complete various tasks.

Complete the “Seven Mechanical Arts” quest to get a legendary trait for your blacksmith. This quest requires you to complete various tasks with the blacksmith until all seven badges are obtained.