Gameboy Advance Cheats for "Medabots: Metabee Version" GameShark

By Ryan Webster

Updated September 22, 2017

"Medabots: Metabee Version" was released in April 2003 and is packed with unlockable content. There are plenty of GameShark codes for this game that will make it a lot easier to beat. Keep in mind that using too many cheats at one time can cause conflicts during gameplay. If you experience any issues, try restarting your GameShark and activating less cheats the second time around.

The Master Code

The master code must be turned on for any of the other cheats to work. Make sure this is the first code that you put into your GameShark:

9F625FF4AE27 71ABFEBBF478 8BC8AF275239

Walk Through Walls

To activate the "Walk Through Walls" cheat, you must press "Select" and the "L" button simultaneously in game after the code is loaded into your GameShark. The code is:

CC48A3201624 17F05767E2DA 37A9F737E278 D1BADFAFC3D8

To turn the "Walk Through Walls" cheat off during gameplay, you must input the following code (to enable the ability to turn it off after it has been activated) and press "Select" and the "R" button simultaneously:

CC48A3201420 17F455E3E1DA 37ADF5B3E178 D1BEDD2BC0D8

Medals: Part 1

These codes unlock the corresponding medal. All medals are level 99.

Snake: 79E9EB36F334 D91A0AED1DE9 F11D5DF240F0 26CDB4133868


D9E8EB22D134 26D7368AE05C 511C5DE662F4 86CCB4071A68

Kabuto: 2AAD2CD7EA39 27F7A23BF517 1E8C71E26174 B35DD9B640F4 648D34573A68

Ghost: 9BA86B62D138 D1085FC41FA9 137CD9A660FC C48C34471A64

Knight: C8ECAC87CA35 26E3E39C6357 1E8C71E26174 513C5DE662F8 86CCB4071A64

Mermaid: 2AAD2CD3E835 3EC5D2326F56 998E25C36174 B37DDDB242F8 648D34533864

Rat/Mouse: 3B996F7371B4 D80819E11E25 B37DDDB7C074 64BD3056BAE8

Kuwagata: C8E8AA06CB35 3ED7F31761DE 16DD76E762D4 511C5DE360F8 86CCB0021864

Rabbit: 8A9C28C64AB9 26D7929CE8D7 1E8C71E26174 137CDDA7E070 C4BC30469AE8

Medals: Part 2

Bat: BBFDC9B2D2B8 BBDF6DA8C03F 137CDDA262FC C48C34431864

Devil: 3B996F7773B4 C01A39E99DE9 B37DD9B3C274 64BD3052B8E8

Jellyfish: 8AA82E43C939 26E58697709B C09C4ACA49B8 135CD9A660F0 C48C34471A68

Turtle: 68E9AE13E939 36C3953AEF1E 16DD77C361D8 F11D59F642F0 26CDB4173A68

Ninja: D9D8EF2753B4 D10E6BCC1C69 511C5DE3E074 86FCB00298E8

Monkey: C8DCA8864AB9 27C7E6186756 1E8C71E26174 513C59E7E274 86FCB0069AE8

Kappa: D9E8EB26D338 C02C0AC09F29 510C59E260F8 86CCB4031864

Queen: 9BA86B66D334 C82829C91421 135CDDA262F0 C48C34431868

Cat: 59884F637338 59AEE9FD62BF F11D5DF7C27C 26FDB016BAE4

Alien: 3B996F7371B8 C02A3FCC1721 B35DDDB7C078 64BD3056BAE4

Dragon: 8A9C28C248B9 3EE3A7B27613 1E8C71E26174 137CD9A3E270 C4BC304298E8

Angel: 79D9EF3773B4 C00A7ACD9725 F13D59F3C070 26FDB012B8E8