How to Install a Samson G-Track

By Gary Hancock

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Samson G-Track microphone

  • Computer

You can install the Samson G-Track USB microphone on your computer for home audio recording.
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Modern technology makes creating your own high-quality audio recordings at home easier than ever. You can make studio-quality recordings on your computer by using one of many studio software applications. When recording at home, your microphone choice is important. Condenser microphones are used in studio recording because they offer increased high- and low-end response. The Samson G-Track is a USB condenser mic that eliminates the need for an interface for connecting microphones to your computer.

Microsoft Windows OS

Plug your Sampson G track into the USB port on your computer. The LED on the G-Track lights up when it receives USB power. A window pops up and indicated that new hardware is detected. Your computer automatically installs the drivers. A message stating "Your New Hardware Has Been Installed And is Ready to Use" appears.

Click on the "Speaker" icon on your system tray, and adjust the output volume to the maximum position.

Open the "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" window on your computer. Select the "Volume" tab to adjust the input volume on your Sampson G-Track.

Test your Samson G-Track in your sound recording application.

Mac OS X

Plug the Samson G-Track into your Mac's USB port. The LED indicator on the G track light ups when it receives USB power.

Open the "System Preferences" window, and click on “Sound” to set the sound preferences.

Click the "Input" tab, and select “USB Audio Codec.”

Click the "Output" tab, and select "USB Audio Codec." The Sampson G track is installed and ready to use.

Test your Samson G-Track using your sound recording application.