How to Use Only the Black Ink Cartridge on a Canon Printer

By Daniel Hatter

Updated September 28, 2017

Most printer manufacturers include an option in the printer preferences/configuration menu for selecting which ink cartridge is to be used. Such is the case with Canon printers; within your computer’s printer preferences there is an option for choosing one or both ink cartridges. If a specific document you want to print has color in it but you wish to print it using only black ink, you can change the setting in the printer preferences dialog box.

Turn on your printer, go to the Start menu on your computer, and then click “Devices and Printers.”

Right-click on your Canon printer and select “Printing preferences” from the context menu.

Open the “Maintenance” tab on the far right and click “Ink Cartridge Settings.”

Click on the “Ink Cartridge” drop-down menu, select “Black Only” and then click “OK.”

Click “Apply” and "OK” in the Printing preferences dialog box to save your settings.