Ideas for Skateparks in Skate 3

By Matt Gerrard

Updated September 22, 2017

The Skatepark editor in EA's "Skate 3" is a powerful tool. There are a number of settings and templates for parks, and a wide variety of objects with which to fill them. They can be stacked and rotated however you wish, and the finished creation can be uploaded to the Skate community to allow others to download and rate it. Most Skatepark designs fit into one of a few categories.

Street Park

Street parks are intended to emulate the kind of obstacles used in street skating. They commonly include stairs, waist-high handrails, benches and low ledges. Quarter-pipes or large sloping ramps are often used at the edges of the space to give skaters a spot to change direction without losing any momentum.

Vert Park

Vert Parks use large half-pipe ramps. These can be constructed using a single piece from the "Pre-made Obstacles" menu, or by placing two opposing quarter-pipes, forming a "U" shape. Rails are often placed on the upper platform of the half-pipe, allowing for high altitude grinds and extended inverts. Most obstacles in a vert park tend to be incorporated into a central half-pipe ramp, including curved roll-ins or gaps.


Many of the downloadable parks in in the Skate community tend to be MegaParks. These are parks that would not or could not be built in real-life -- towering roll-ins to gaps of hundreds of feet, 150 stair sets and grinds. MegaParks represent gamers testing the limits of what is possible within the game. They mimic the record-breaking stunt set-ups as used by Danny Way, who presents several MegaParks to the player across the three "Skate" games.

Real-life Spot

Skate culture is largely based around Southern California, where the majority of the prominent skate brands are based. The promotional videos and photographs often feature the same locations. These spots can take on a significance among skaters as various professionals try to outdo one another at a particular location. EA and community members have produced parks for the skate community that feature such legendary spots as the Carlsbad High School Gap, the Wallenberg Four, and the Hubba Ledges.