How to Convert HTML to PDF on Mac

By David Weedmark

Updated September 28, 2017

If you use a Mac computer you can convert almost any document to a PDF using the "Save as PDF" option found in the Mac print options. If you are surfing the Internet you can save an HTML Web page from your web browser. For HTML files you have saved to your hard drive, you can open it with Text Edit, Safari, or other web browser. When using this option remember that what you see is what you will get. A program that shows you only code will only create a PDF of the code, not the a view of the HTML page.

Locate the HTML document in the Finder if you are converting a file on your computer. If you are converting a page on the Internet, skip to Step three.

Hold down the “Control” button and click on the file. Highlight “Open With” to reveal all the documents able to open the HTML file, including Safari and Text Edit. . Select any program you desire and the document will open automatically.

Click on the “File” menu. Select “Print…” The print dialogue window will open.

Click the PDF button at the bottom of the window. Select “Save as PDF.”

Type a name of the document in the “Save As” field, or leave the default name as it is.

Enter a title, author name, subject and keywords if desired. Keywords are used by some programs to help locate specific PDF files.

Click the “Security” button if you want to password-protect your PDF. Two security options will be offered in the PDF Security Options panel. You can require a password to open the document and/or require a password to copy any content from the document. Type in a password for either or both options, then verify the password in the fields provided. Click OK.