How to Unlock the "Fable III" Entrepreneur Pack

by Anthony Hare ; Updated September 22, 2017

The Entrepreneur Pack in “Fable III” is unlocked on the Road to Rule after you have opened the fifth gate. This can be done after you complete "The Hole" -- the section of the game where you and Sir Walter explore the caves underneath Mistpeak Monorail Station. The Entrepreneur Pack allows you to purchase shops for an additional passive income, as well as granting you the ability to haggle down the price of items.

Complete the quest titled "The Hole." This mission starts when you and Sir Walter enter the area beneath Mistpeak Monorail Station via the elevator. Walk through the portal that appears after the final Hobbe battle.

Go through the gate in front of you on the Road to Rule and approach the second chest on the left side, labelled as the Entrepreneur Pack.

Hold down the "Interact" button in front of the chest that contains the Entrepreneur Pack when the on-screen prompt appears. The chest requires five guild seals to open.

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