How to Mix Photos Together and Make a Big Picture

By Tom Becker

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Digital photographs

  • Photo editing software

You can blend many family photos into a family collage.
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Photographs preserve our cherished memories, remind us of our loved ones and sometimes express more than words alone. Several photographs arranged in a group can also make a strong statement. If you wish to arrange several photos together to create a larger image, you have a variety of design options. You can select any photos you like and arrange photos in virtually any design you choose. With some basic guidelines, you can merge these photos together into an effective larger image.

Select digital photos to incorporate into the larger image. Select images of approximately the same size.

Create and label a new folder on your desktop for your selected images.

Click and drag the images into the new folder.

Open the photo editing software of your choice.

Click the "File" menu and select a "New" image.

Enter your desired canvas size in the height and width fields.

Click and drag one image from the images folder into the blank file.

Click "Edit" and select "Transform." In some software this function will have the name "Resize" or "Stretch/Skew."

Click and drag the sides or corners of the image to change the image to the desired size.

Click and drag the image to its desired position. Repeat this process with all the remaining images.

Resize, move and adjust the images until they have the desired orientation. Change any aspect of the images and their relationship to one another until you achieve the desired effect.

Click "File" and select "Save As." Enter a file name and click "Save" to save the final image.


Use images of varying sizes. The contrast will help create visual interest and draw the viewer's eye. Using images of a uniform size may work as well, if you wish to achieve an organized, grid effect.