How to Create a Quiver in "Ragnarok"

By Stephanie Breaux

Updated September 22, 2017

"Ragnarok Online" is a free massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) published by Gravity Interactive. One of the many starting classes available in the game is "archer." Characters in the archer class are able to equip bows and arrows and attack enemies from a distance. Archers also have the ability to create their own arrows from raw materials found from monsters or purchased from shops. If the weight of crafted arrows becomes an issue, they may be converted into quivers, which reduce the weight of the arrows being carried.

Place the arrows you wish to make into a quiver into your inventory.

Speak to a Kafra employee in Prontera or Alberta to warp to Payon. There will be a small fee to do so, less than 2,000 zeny. The amount depends on the town you warp from.

Visit the weapon shop. It is in a building located near the center of town.

Speak to Inventor Jaax inside the weapon shop. He will tell you he can create arrow quivers for 500z each. Select the quiver type that corresponds with the arrows in your inventory. For example, if you wish to create a "Fire Arrow" quiver, select "Fire Arrow Quiver" from the list.

Input the number of quivers you wish to create. If you want Inventor Jaax to create as many quivers as possible, choose that option. You will see a screen confirming the cost of the quiver creation. Confirm the selection and you will receive the quivers.


Double-click an arrow quiver to open it. 500 arrows will be added to your inventory and the quiver will disappear.

Quivers must be opened before the arrows can be used.