How to Make a Ball Roll in Flash

by Matthew WeeksUpdated September 28, 2017
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Simple movement and rotation of an object is one of the cornerstones in all forms of animation, and Flash is no exception. Unlike hand-drawn animation, however, Flash allows both the precision of numeric transformation and the ease of automatically setting the position of each frame of transition between an object's origin and destination. A task like making a ball roll from one place to another, therefore, becomes an extremely simple matter.

Select your ball object in the movie workspace by triple-clicking on it, ensuring that you get the entire graphic and not just a piece of it. Press F8 to convert it to a symbol. Make sure it is a movie clip.

Position your newly created symbol where you would like it to start its roll.

Move your mouse up to the layers and keyframes window at the top of the screen. Right-click on a later frame in the active layer and select "Insert Keyframe." The new keyframe will become the active frame.

Position the ball where you would like it to end its roll.

Right-click on any of the frames in the active layer and select "Create Motion Tween." The ball will now move from its starting position to its ending position over a time period of however many frames ahead you positioned the new keyframe in Step 3. Modify the speed if you think it's moving too quickly or too slowly by clicking and dragging the keyframe to the left or right.

Click on the "Rotate" drop-down menu in the properties window at the bottom of the screen. Select "CW" for clockwise or "CCW" for counterclockwise, depending on which way you'd like it to rotate. To the right of the menu, enter a number for how many complete rotations you'd like it to make in the course of its roll.

Save and test the movie to refine the speed and number of rotations of the ball in the animation.

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