How to Get Redeem Codes for Crossfire

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 22, 2017

The online shooting game "Crossfire" allows users to redeem specialized codes from within a specifically designed online store. These codes can be used to unlock new weapons or even change your in-game display name. Codes represent "free gifts" and can add functionality to your game in seconds. You can get codes in a few different ways. There is a specially designed website set up for the sole purpose of redeeming these codes.

Getting the Codes

Get codes from your friends. Anyone who also has a Crossfire account can purchase any code on your behalf from the Z8 Games Store. Have your friend click "Buy as Gift" next to the item you want. They will use virtual currency to buy the gift and send you the code. You can then redeem the code for a gift.

Watch the Crossfire page at Z8Games for information on contests and tournaments. Every so often Z8 Games holds contests. For example, you may have to get a certain amount of points in Crossfire in under a certain amount of time. The prize for winning a contest will be a code to redeem for a free gift. These are called "Free Gift Events."

Watch for information about free gift packages for Crossfire. is a site dedicated to online multiplayer games like Crossfire, which occasionally gives out free gift codes to members of the community. Sign up for the free gift code on the website and redeem from the Z8 Games site.

Redeeming the Codes

Go to the Crossfire website at Z8 Games and click "Log In" to log into your Crossfire account.

Redirect your Web browser to the Z8 Games "Redeem Free Gift" page.

Type your Crossfire code into the box above the "Redeem Free Gift" button.

Click "Redeem Free Gift" to use your code to unlock your free gift and add it to your Crossfire account.