How to Create a Remix on Magix Music Maker

By Doug Mitchell

Updated September 22, 2017

Remix your songs using Magix Music Maker.
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Creating a remix on the Magix Music Maker doesn't have to be a difficult task. The interface on the Magix software allows you to split songs into segments, alter tempos and export the recorded audio output. In order to create a remix on the interface, you must first have an external audio recording in a WAV or MP3 format. By using the Remix Agent and Remix Maker function, you will be able to set tempo and mixing parameters to compose the song.

Open the software and click "File" and "Import File" from the top menu. Select the location of the desired file you wish to remix. Right-click the audio file and select the "Remix Agent" option from the menu. The "Remix Agent" window will pop up. Click the "Tempo and Beat Assignment" tab. Set the desired tempo for the remix and click "OK." Right-click the song and select "Remix Maker" from the list.

Select one of the four "Virtual DJ" turntables by clicking the mouse on it. Each DJ has different settings, test each one by pressing the "Play" button under the turntable. Select the "Remix Length" tab from the top of the "Remix Objects" window. Choose one of the options "Very Short", "Normal" or "Double" to select the desired length for each loop in the song.

Select "Shuttle Mode" and set the desired parameters, shuttle mode determines the order of the loops. Set the "Fill-Mode" options to the desired parameters, fill-mode adds extra instruments to make the beat faster. Press the "Apply" button at the bottom of the window.

Preview the remixed song by pressing the "Play" button at the top of the screen. Redo the remix options if you are unsatisfied. Save the file by clicking "File" and then "Save" from the top menu.


Selecting the "Very Short" option for loops will create a fast pace mix. Manipulate the fill-in options for pop and hip hop mixes.