Character Changing Cheats for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"

By Megan Thacker

Updated September 22, 2017

The designers of the “Grand Theft Auto” series have created expansive in-game playgrounds for players to explore. Players can customize gameplay by hand-picking their cars, weapons and even clothing items. In “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” you can also customize the appearances of game characters by taking advantage of unlockable outfits, cheat codes and glitches.

Unlockable Outfits

By reaching 100 percent with your girlfriends, you can unlock several new outfits for CJ’s wardrobe. Reaching 100 percent with Denise unlocks the pimp suit. A 100 percent with Katie unlocks a medic outfit, Michelle unlocks a racing suit, Barbara unlocks a police officer uniform, and Helena unlocks a pair of overalls. When you finish the Key to Her Heart mission, CJ unlocks the gimp outfit. You can also unlock a valet uniform by finishing the 555 We Tip mission. All of these outfits appear in CJ’s wardrobe.

Body-Changing Cheats

Throughout the game, you are responsible for keeping CJ in good shape. You determine whether he is fat, buff or skinny. Instead of chowing down on burgers every couple hours or hitting the gym every morning, enter one of these cheats. Make CJ skinny by entering “triangle,” “up,” “up,” “left,” “right,” “square,” “circle,” “right.” The cheat “triangle,” “up,” “up,” “left,” “right,” “square,” “circle,” “down” makes CJ fat, and “triangle,” “up,” “up,” “left,” “right,” “square,” “circle,” “left,” makes CJ buff.

Appearance Glitches

You can take advantage of a few glitches in the game to alter CJ’s appearance. During a burglary mission, head to the barber shop and sit down for a haircut. Let the barber cut CJ’s hair. He’ll put the mask back on CJ, and it will remain there until you reset the game. You can also wear night-vision goggles indefinitely by putting them on before playing a game in the arcade. When the game is over, the night-vision effect will no longer be active, but CJ will keep wearing the goggles.

Change Pedestrian Appearances

Enter the cheat “up,” “up,” “down,” “down,” “square,” “circle,” “L1,” “R1,” “triangle,” “down” to make pedestrians look like beach bums. Women will be in bikinis, guys will be in shorts and flip flops, and all the cars will be convertibles. You can also transform CJ into a clown by entering “triangle,” “triangle,” “L1,” “square,” “square,” “circle,” “square,” “down,” “circle.” With this cheat, pedestrians appear to be pizza delivery men, and all the cars are pizza delivery scooters.