How to Change the Email Account for a Gamertag

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

When you change your email address, it's crucial to update this information on your online accounts. If your old email account no longer exists or is otherwise inaccessible, you won't receive forgotten password prompts, updates about the service or any other form of contact. Xbox Live users may change the email account associated with their gamertag at any time using the Live account page. You can also just change your contact email on the Xbox website.

Changing Login Email

Sign in to your Microsoft account on the Live website (

Select "Aliases" under the Account sidebar menu. This opens a list of email addresses, referred to as aliases, currently associated with your Microsoft account.

Click the "Add alias" link to add a new email address.

Type in a new email account name to create a new Outlook account. Alternatively, you can add your own existing email address from another provider, such as Gmail, AOL or Yahoo.

Select "Add alias" to submit the form when you're done. If you entered an existing account, you must open it to click the verification link sent by Microsoft.

Click "Make primary" under the verified email address. This is now the email address you must use when signing in with your Microsoft account, like your Xbox Live profile.

Changing Xbox Contact Email

Sign in to your account on the Xbox Live website (

Click "Security, Family & Forums" to open a new page of options.

Select "Contact Preferences" on the sidebar menu.

Type in your new email address in the text field and click "Save." The website will not confirm the address, so make sure you type it correctly.


Changing your email address may take up to 48 hours to reflect on your consoles. Gamers used to signing in with the Kinect sensor may require a controller during this time.

Click "Remove" under the old email account if you want to get rid of it.


You may not add an email account associated with another Microsoft account or gamertag.

It is not possible to add an existing MSN, Live or Hotmail email address to your account.