How to Insert Multiple Pictures in Paint

By Tom Williamson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Paint (software)

  • Digital pictures or internet access

Insert multiple pictures into Paint with a few clicks of the mouse.
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Paint is any easy-to-use program that is found on many personal computers with Windows operating systems. Featuring a simple interface and a workspace that allows users to draw, insert text, shapes and images, it is ideal for making web banners and cropping and resizing photos. Many people even use paint to make homemade videos like those seen on popular video sharing websites.

Open Paint on your computer. Expand the white work area by clicking on the edge and dragging.

Choose the pictures that you will be inserting into Paint.

If you are importing your pictures from the internet, click on one of them in your browser and select copy.

In Paint, select "Paste." The picture that you clicked will be inserted into the program. If you are importing your picture from a file on your computer, select "Paste from" and choose the image you want to include. Your picture will be inserted into the upper left hand corner of your work area.

Click on the image and drag it away from the left side of the screen. All pictures are inserted into the left hand corner so you need to give yourself space for your second picture.

Repeat steps three and four to insert your second picture. Repeat step five in addition to steps three and four, if you are inserting more than two pictures.

To rearrange your images once they are in your work area, click on the "Select" button and draw a box around each image one at a time. While the image is selected, drag the picture to its appropriate spot.