How to Reinstall EXEtender.exe

By Richard Kalinowski

Updated September 22, 2017

EXEtender.exe is an executable file used to launch the EXEtender gaming software. This program offers games to users over a digital rights management (DRM) network. In other words, EXEtender lets you buy usage rights and download games from the comfort of your home computer. The EXEtender program is offered through Comcast, Yahoo, Bell Canada, Telenet and several other sites and Internet service providers. If you accidentally delete EXEtender.exe, you'll have trouble finding it online. The EXEtender program is now installed and launched by a newer program called Gplayer.exe, so you need to install this file to get your EXEtender file back.

Click on the “Start” menu.

Click “Control Panel,” “Programs” and “Programs and Features.”

Select "EXEtender" from the list of programs and click “Uninstall.” Before installing a new version of the EXEtender software, you need to fully remove the old EXEtender program. If the program is not listed, then there are no traces of the software left on your computer.

Download Gplayer as either a .zip or .rar file (see Resources). Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with pre-installed programs for unpacking .zip files, so this is a better choice for many Windows users.

Right-click on the Gplayer file and click “extract all.” A file called “Gplayer.exe” will unpack onto your desktop.

Double-click on the "Gplayer.exe" file.

Click “Next” through the on-screen installation prompts, and enter your old EXEtender ID and password in the spaces provided during the setup process. Following the automated process, you will be able to open the EXEtender gaming program again.