Cheats for the Original "Super Mario Bros."

By Martin Cole

Updated September 22, 2017

The 1985 video game “Super Mario Bros” was the first "Mario" title to be released for a home game console. The series is still in production as of 2011. This game on the Nintendo Entertainment System came with a variety of cheats that sent Mario to secret worlds, provided him with extra lives, and helped him save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

Secret World

You will see a pipe and some blocks at the end of level two of World 1. Jump up into the third block from the right in the row of blocks; the block will break. Now jump up into the second block from the right to break it. There should now be one brick attached to the left of the pipe. Stand to the left of the pipe, face left, and hold "down" to duck. Still holding "down," jump toward the side of the block to pass through it and the pipe. Mario will fall into the Warp Zone. Press “down” on the first pipe in the Warp Zone and you will surface in a secret world in a level called “-1.”

Infinite Extra Lives

Run over a mushroom on level one of World 3 to make Mario big. Do not walk into any enemies and avoid enemy attacks to stay this large size. Jump over the first Koopa Troopa enemy that descends the stairs next to the flag. Jump on top of the second Koopa Troopa, which will hit a star and bounce back. Keep bouncing on the Koopa Troopa, and you get an extra life with each bounce. Stop at 99 extra lives because taking 100 results in a game over.

Choose a World

Jump on the rising platform in the end of level 2 in World 1. Leap on the highest structure, and then on the next rising platform. Jump when the platform reaches the top. Mario will not be visible after this jump, but press “Right” to walk forward. The screen will move as if he is moving. Walk forward until Mario drops down from the top of the screen and lands next to three pipes. Stand on one of the pipes and press “Down” to travel to World 2, 3 or 4.

Resurrecting Mario

A game over in “Super Mario Bros” takes you back to the beginning. If you would prefer to start at the beginning of the world that you died in, hold down “A” at the player select screen and press the “start” button.

Other Cheats

Look at the game clock before you touch the flag pole to finish any level. Wait until the last digit is high, like 139 or 208 seconds. If you finish the level with a time like this, you will receive an amount of fireworks that match the last digit. In the water world, Bloopers, the enemy creatures that look like squids, cannot go near the sea floor. Just walk around the ground to avoid them. Jumping on any Koopa Troopa will flip him over. Walk into the turned-over Koopa to kick him. If he knocks into eight other Koopa Troopas you get an extra life.