Cheats for Grand Theft Auto IV Airplane

By Morris Wall

Updated September 22, 2017

Planes, trains and automobiles have been featured transportation in the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series with several cheat codes available to augment your gaming experience. "Grand Theft Auto IV" features two models of helicopters to fly, but does not have any airplanes that you can control, or cheat codes to generate airplanes. It is possible, however, to hack the PC version of "Grand Theft Auto IV" with an airplane modification and spawn an airplane that you can fly in that version of the game.

Brucie Friendship Activity Cheat

Go bowling, eating and drinking at strip bars to raise Brucie's friendship status above 70 percent. You can call Brucie to come to your location in a "Maverick" helicopter and escort you to hard-to-reach areas of the game map.

Pigeon Activity Cheat

Kill all 200 "Flying Rats" (Pigeons) in the game to complete the "hidden packages" activity. An "Annihilator" helicopter will spawn on top of the "MeTV" building in the Triangle section of the borough of Algonquin that you can access and use.

Telephone Cheat Code

Dial "395-555-0100" (FLY-555-0100) using your cell phone in the game to spawn an "Annihilator" helicopter to use. The cheat code will enhance your flight transportation resources, but disable the ability to earn trophies and achievements on the console versions of the game.

Airplane Modification Hack

The only way to introduce an airplane that can be flown in the game is to use a game modification, or mod, that is available for the Windows platform only. Back up your GTA program and data files, then download and install the modification according to the instructions provided (see Resources). The modification will crash the game if you attempt to use it online; however, it will allow you to fly a jet airplane across the "Grand Theft Auto IV" landscape.