How to Make a Custom Pandora Playlist

by Ireland WolfeUpdated September 28, 2017
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Pandora is an online radio station that you can customize over time. By choosing artists that you like, Pandora will pick music for you. You let Pandora know on each song played if you like it or not. Based on your selections, Pandora will continue to customize your radio station. On Pandora, you cannot pick music on demand or create a playlist. Pandora will create your custom playlist based on your preferences in the past.

Create an account with Pandora if you don’t already have one. Pandora offers free accounts with commercials.

Chose an artist you like. There will be a text box where you will enter an artist to start the music.

Add other artists you also like. Once you create your radio station, it will appear on the left of your player. There will be a tab underneath your radio station that says “Add Variety.” Click on that to add more artists to your station.

Listen to your customized station. Give Pandora feedback by clicking the "Thumbs up" or "Thumbs down" icon on each song so Pandora can continue to customize your playlist.

Create a new station. You can create numerous stations that can serve as different customized playlists.


Pandora cannot play specific songs "on demand" because of licensing restrictions.


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