How to Guild Chat in "Ragnarok"

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

If battling enemies, adventuring throughout a fantasy world with magical settings and expansive lands and playing with other people at the same time sounds like your kind of fun, you may be a “Ragnarok Online” player. If you’ve been invited into a guild or created your own guild, you can chat with other guild members by sending messages through the guild chat. Sending a message through guild chat requires you to type a command when you bring up the chat box.

Launch the “Ragnarok” client from your computer. Enter your ID and password.

Enter the “Ragnarok” world by selecting your character.

Press “Enter” to begin chatting. Type “/gc” followed by your message. Do not place quotation marks around “/gc.” Press “Enter” again once you finish your message and your message will appear in the guild chat.