How to Beat the Game Called "Riddle School 4"

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

"Riddle School 4" was meant to be the final installment in the "Riddle School" series of flash adventure games and was designed as something of a joke. While the in-game instructions give detailed information on utilizing the game map, speaking to characters and finding and using objects, you won't have to do any of those things to beat "Riddle School 4." In fact, it's impossible to lose this game. The only aspect of "Riddle School 4" that you have any real control of is how quickly you complete it.

Click on "Start Game" from the "Riddle School 4" main menu.

Watch the introduction or press the "Skip Intro" button in the lower-right corner to bypass it.

Click on anything in the classroom -- a person, a chalkboard, the "Hallway" button at the bottom of the screen or a blank space on the wall or floor.

Read the ending sequence of the game. Watch the game credits to see how long it took you to beat "Riddle School 4."


After beating "Riddle School 4," a new item, "Real Fun Facts," appears in the game's main menu. Read this to learn the story behind the game. The game's creator, JonBro, went on to develop "Riddle School 5," which is an actual game.