How to Get Presale Codes for Ticketmaster

By Catherine Lovering

Updated September 22, 2017

The venue, the act and even a credit card can produce presale codes.
i Dima Lomachevsky/Hemera/Getty Images

Special codes allow you to take advantage of Ticketmaster presales and get the first opportunity to buy tickets to coveted events. Presale codes are offered to people who sign up for certain mailing lists, purchase VIP fan packages or use particular credit cards. To stay in the loop, target your favorite band, team or venue and follow them on social media.

Get On The Right Mailing List

Create a Ticketmaster account at and add your favorite teams and performers to your profile. You will receive presale codes over email for events featuring those entertainers.

Follow Ticketmaster on social media. The company posts presale codes on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts the same day they become available for use.

Sign up for the mailing list of concert venues. Concert halls have access to presale codes for the acts they host. Visit the websites of venues to see if they send a newsletter out or direct emails about specific events. Follow their social media accounts as well. Facebook and Twitter are other ways venues send out presale codes.

Become a follower of your favorite team, performer or local radio stations on their social media sites. Artists distribute presale codes to fan mailing lists. Radio stations and local media that sponsor events often give out presale codes to their own followers.

Check with your credit card for a presale distribution benefit. Some, such as Citibank and American Express, offer presale codes to its cardholders. You can access some presales just by using a certain credit card.

Other Possibilities

Purchase the VIP package on Ticketmaster if one is available. In addition to the VIP experience, the package includes access to presale tickets.

Subscribe to a fan club. Some artists include presale ticket codes as a benefit for its fan club members. There may be a cost associated with this. For example, in 2015 Maroon 5 charged an annual fee for its fan club membership. Fans could also buy a "fan club bundle" that included a new membership and presale codes.

Check your album order. If an artist plans to tour shortly after an album release, there may be a presale code included with an album purchase or digital download.


To get the best seats, use your code as soon as the presale period begins. To get in right away, refresh your computer browser, but only every couple of seconds and keep only one browser window open. Otherwise, Ticketmaster may block your access.