How to Sync and Restore With CardStar

By Candice Abrams

Updated September 15, 2017

You can use CardStar at your favorite stores or restaurants.
i Todd Warnock/Lifesize/Getty Images

CardStar is a handy app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It lets you keep track of your membership cards in one place. The type of memberships cards CardStar accepts are cards from membership clubs, wholesale clubs, pharmacies and retail chains. To store your membership cards in CardStar, you need to enter your name and card account numbers. This app also has features such as synchronizing and restoring your membership cards. With synchronizing, you can scan your cards directly from your device, at any of your favorite stores. The restore option removes the cards from your app. Both of these features only take seconds to set up.

Sync with CardStar

Tap the CardStar app on your device. Touch “Edit” next to one of your cards.

Touch the “Sync” option. Create an anonymous user ID and PIN to synchronize your card.

Tap the “Sync” button once again. You now have synchronized your card with CardStar.

Restore with CardStar

Tap the CardStar app to launch it. Touch “Edit” next to the card of your choice.

Touch the “Backup” option. Place it in “ON” mode, if it is not already on.

Enter your CardStar ID and PIN. It will restore the information on your account to remove the cards.