How to Recycle DirecTV Receivers

By Ashley Hay

Updated September 28, 2017

DirecTV offers you the option to purchase your receiver or to lease it when you subscribe to its satellite television service. If you purchased your receivers and have upgraded your hardware or have canceled your DirecTV service, you may recycle your receivers. Notify DirecTV that you are no longer using the receiver so that the company can remove it from your bill, and then you may review your options on how to recycle your receiver to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Bring your DirecTV receivers to your local Best Buy or RadioShack store. Best Buy and RadioShack accept almost all electronics for recycling. The electronics stores send the receivers to a recycling center for disposal if the receivers are not current enough to be repaired and sold as refurbished models or if they cannot be used for parts.

Go to the Earth911 website and type in “Electronics,” and your location. Earth911 will provide a list of drop-off centers near you. Bring your DirecTV receiver to the location of your choice and Earth911 will recycle the receiver for you.

Contact your city’s recycling center and ask if you can put your DirecTV receiver outside for curbside recycling. If it accepts small electronics, you can have the receiver picked up with your other household recyclables. If not, the city should be able to direct you to a local drop-off center that accepts electronics.