The Husqvarna Embroidery USB Dongle Won't Read

By Amy Rodriguez

Updated September 22, 2017

Specialized software aids embroidery designs.
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Cloth embroidery has entered a new phase with software-based designs. Included with the Husqvarna embroidery software is a dongle device, requiring attachment to the computer so that the embroidery program will function. But, the dongle can malfunction periodically.


Husqvarna's embroidery software offers various designs, colors and stitch strategies for customized projects. The dongle plugs into the computer's universal serial bus, or USB, connector so that the software is only accessed on that computer as write protection.

Dongle Troubleshooting

One common reason for a malfunctioning dongle is old software versions. A computer's operating system and a dongle's software driver must be the newest versions for compatibility and communication. Additionally, attach the dongle to the computer before booting so that the operating system recognizes the new dongle hardware.

Dongle Considerations

Detach and reattach the dongle if errors occur during use of the Husqvarna software. This detachment action forces the computer to use its "Plug and Play" technology and recognize the dongle hardware.