How to Go From Hack to Amateur in "World Golf Tour"

By Mark Slingo

Updated September 22, 2017

Online games have increased gaming options available to people today. "World Golf Tour" is a free online game touted by the developers as being the most realistic free online golf game. It allows players to play in tournaments online for real golf prizes as well as play in practice rounds around simulations of some of the world's great courses. Players win prizes based on the tier of player which starts at "Hack." The first level a player can advance to is "Amateur."

Start World Golf Tour. Your original starting rank is "Hack."

Learn new skills by playing practice rounds on World Golf Tour, which also helps you to get to know the course and hones your game to shoot lower scores.

Participate in as many stroke play games as possible. The stroke games enable you to meet the requirement that contributes towards your average score. You need to reach a certain level to advance to "Amateur." Tiers are upgraded as soon as you finish your round. If you have met all the requirements for the next tier you will be advanced immediately.

Advance to "Amateur" tier. When you have a low enough average score and you played in enough stroke play games, your level automatically advances to "Amateur." This will give you 50 World Golf Tour credits which can be spent on virtual equipment and entering tournaments. Being an "Amateur" will also allow you to enter bugger and better tournaments, with the opportunity to win more.


The exact scores needed to advance between tiers are not listed, to avoid people using the information to avoid progression and thus be able to shoot lower scores as a lower ranked player and win more prizes.