How to Play "Dragon Age:Origins" With a 360 Controller on the PC

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

In the PC version of "Dragon Age: Origins," it is possible for players to use a 360 controller to navigate the Warden through Ferelden. However, this isn't a native feature for PC; you'll need to download a third-party mapper to force the game to use the controller.

Controller Mappers

After you install a program, follow its instructions to map each button on the controller to a key on the keyboard. Xpadder is one common program that supports rumble feedback. Pinnacle Game Profile also supports the Xbox 360 controller and explicitly mentions "Dragon Age: Origins" as a supported game. Lastly, Nexus Mods has a mod specifically for the game; in addition to a customized controller layout, it also lets you use the console version's layout.