What Are the Frequencies in MGS3?

By Cathel Hutchison

Updated September 22, 2017

Stealth and the use of camflage are essential aspects of
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"Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" is the third game in the "Metal Gear Solid" series. The third outing in the stealth series stars legendary hero Snake, who's pitted against his former mentor, The Boss, in a race to prevent a group of renegades from unleashing an all-powerful nuclear equipped robot during the 1960s. During "MGS3," you can use Snake’s radio for contacting story characters for advice and hints, evading guards in alert mode, calling down an artillery bombardment on pursuing enemies, and healing yourself when near death.

Inputting Radio Frequencies

To input radio frequencies in "MGS3," you must access the drop-down radio. Press "Select" during the run of play to bring up the radio. Then press down on the control pad and input the radio frequency you wish to access. Then hit the action button.

Alert Cancellation

Alert cancellation frequencies are used to cancel guards alert status when they have become suspicious of the player’s presence. These frequencies can only be used during game play and must be entered manually when in evasion mode. When entered, Snake calls enemy headquarters and bluffs enemy command with the same line that alert guards give when the timer runs down. After being used, the frequency will become defunct. The frequencies for alert cancellations are 145.41, 142.48 and 144.87.

Fire Support

Fire support frequencies can also be used during "MGS3." These frequencies allow you to call down an artillery bombardment onto the enemy guards, when they're in alert mode. The fire support frequencies are 147.23, 148.63, 140.36, 144.19, 142.91 and 149.84.

Healing Radio Stations

Use healing radio stations in "MGS3" to quickly heal your character. You can use them only once, but in contrast to the alert cancellation and fire support frequencies, you can listen to the stations as many times as you wish. Access them on the sixth slot of the drop down radio menu. Healing radio stations are generally acquired as songs when you undertake interrogation sequences. However, you can input them manually if no guards have been interrogated. The healing radio station frequencies change depending on difficulty level. The frequencies in very easy and easy are 140.01, 140.52, 141.24, 142.94, 144.06, 147.08, 147.59 and 149.53. In normal mode, they're 148.39, 146.65, 148.96, 144.86, 143.32, 145.83, 142.09 and 141.85. In hard mode they're 147.96, 141.59 and 143.83. Finally, in extreme mode, they're 146.45, 148.66, 140.16, 148.78, 142.42, 141.42, 145.18 and 149.39.

Virtuous Mission

Solid Snake is contacted and can contact a number of story related characters via his radio during the course of "MGS3." During the Virtuous Mission prologue section, he's able to contact the following characters: Major Tom, on 140.85, who provides mission advice and tactical support; Para-Medic, on 145.73, who provides cure and medical information, as well as food information; The Boss, on 141.80, who gives strategy, tactics, gun, item, and camouflage advice; and the save feature, on 140.96.

Operation Naked Snake

During the main section of "MGS3," termed Operation Naked Snake, you're able to contact some familiar characters from the prologue section, and some new characters as well. Characters you can contact during Operation Naked Snake are Major Zero, on 140.85, who provides advice on the mission and strategy information; Para-Medic, on 145.73, who continues her role from the first section; Signit, on 148.41, who provides information on guns, camouflage, items and technology, as well as tactics; the save feature on 140.96; and Eva, on 142.52, who provides location, destination and enemy information.