How to Turn Off TruMotion From an LG TV

by Blaze JohnsonUpdated September 28, 2017

Certain high-definition televisions manufactured by the LG Corporation may feature TruMotion video processing software. TruMotion technology attempts to smooth the displayed video on the television by processing each frame three additional times. While the added frame rates may improve video quality and naturalness in certain application scenarios, users may opt to disable the TruMotion option if the feature poorly affects the viewing experience. Turning off your television’s TruMotion feature is an easy task that tasks minutes to perform.

Turn on the television and press the “Home” button, located on the supplied remote control.

Navigate to the “Setup” menu option and press the center “Enter” button, located on the remote.

Select “Picture” and hit the “Enter” button.

Scroll down to the “TruMotion” menu option and press the “Enter” button. Use the remote’s navigational buttons to highlight the “Off” menu option. Press the “Enter” button to save the setting.

Press the “Exit” button on the remote control to exit the onscreen display menu.


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