How to Remove Subtitles From a Movie

By Kent Page McGroarty

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • DVD player

  • DVD player remote

Review your DVD player instructions carefully.
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While subtitles are needed when watching a foreign language film, they also can be an annoying aspect of home-movie watching. You press "Play" to watch a movie, and subtitles come up when the characters in the film begin to speak. Whether in English or another language, unnecessary subtitles can prove distracting as you often end up reading the subtitles instead of watching the movie. Prevent this by learning how to turn off subtitles on your DVD movies.

Put the movie into your DVD player and wait until the "Main Menu" screen appears. Use your DVD player remote to navigate the screen and hit the "Languages" icon on the menu.

Scroll down the Languages menu until you hit "Subtitles." Use your remote to press "Off" or "Subtitles Off."

Return to the Main Menu with your remote by pressing the Main Menu icon on your Languages screen. Watch the movie or any DVD extras if desired.


The "Languages" section also allows you to watch the movie in another language if desired, which can be helpful if you are trying to learn a certain language.