How to Write a Signature on a Microsoft Word Document

By Lily Medina

Updated September 28, 2017

Save time by signing the document from within MS Word.
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Instead of uploading a picture or scan of a signature -- or printing a document, signing it with a pen, then faxing it or scanning and emailing it -- you can save time by writing your signature directly on the Word document within the Microsoft Word program itself. When you use the Scribble feature in Word, the cursor changes its appearance to look like a pen, and you can write free-form on the page, creating an art object that you can move around as you like.

Click the "Insert" tab on the Ribbon.

Click the "Shapes" icon on the Ribbon, in the Illustrations group.

Click the "Scribble" button on the drop-down Shapes menu, under the Lines heading. This button displays a curlicue scribble, and if you hover the cursor over it, a "Scribble" label pops up.

Click on the page where you want to begin writing your signature. Holding down the mouse button, move the cursor to draw your signature. When you release the mouse, the scribble becomes an unchangeable shape, so don't release the mouse button until you're finished. If you write your signature in multiple parts, you will need to insert a new scribble for each part.