How to Remove Your Name From the Yellow Pages

By Jennifer Lyons

Updated July 21, 2017

Items you will need

  • Phone

  • Phone book

  • Internet

With an unlisted number, you'll only get phone calls from people you know.
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Telemarketers call all hours of the day, making our phones ring off the hook and disturbing our peace and quiet as well as our privacy. Removing your phone number from the yellow pages and applying for the National Do Not Call registry will stop these annoying phone calls. To stop people who you did not give your number to from calling you, remove you name from the phone book by getting an unlisted number.

Add your name to the National Do Not Call registry. The National Do Not Call registry is a government program that will stop telemarketers from calling your phone number within 31 days after signing up. If a telemarketer calls after that, you can file a formal complaint to the government. To apply, go to the Do Not Call Web site and hit "Register." Fill in up to three phone numbers and your email address and hit "Submit."

Get an unlisted number. Unlisted numbers are not available in the phone book or on directories online. Look up the number to your telephone service provider on your past bills or in the phone book and call them.

Speak to a person, not a computer, about getting an unlisted number. If you would like your number non-published in the phone book, but still available through directory assistance, ask for a directory assistance listing. Some phone companies will make unlisted numbers available through directory assistance automatically. If this is the case with your company, ask for a non-published number.

Ask the telephone company to omit your address from the phone book and from directory assistance. This will remove the entire listing from the phone book.

Consider changing numbers. Unfortunately, people tend to keep old phone books long after new ones have been distributed. This means that even though your name is gone from the current phone book, people may still call you. Changing your number, then following the above steps will prevent people from contacting you.