How to Use a MicroSD Card in an Action Replay DSi

By Mike Wallace

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with MicroSD card reader installed

  • Windows XP or later operating system

  • DSi Action Replay Code Manager PC software

  • MicroSD card

  • Action Replay DSi

  • Nintendo DSi

The third iteration of Nintendo’s DS system is the DSi, which features a camera and an upgraded memory. Many DSi-exclusive games take full advantage of the added hardware. To tackle these challenging games, consider picking up an Action Replay DSi; this device allows you to download cheat codes via a MicroSD memory card to give you the advantage you need.

Plug the MicroSD card into your computer’s card reader.

Load the DSi Action Replay Code Manager PC software by clicking on its icon. This icon may be located on your PC’s desktop, or it could be in the Start menu (accessible by clicking the Windows-logo button in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen). The software loads in a new window.

Drag the cheat list from the lower-right corner of the window to the gray bar at the top. This sends the cheat list over to your MicroSD card.

Eject the MicroSD card. Right-click on its icon from “My Computer” and select “Safely Remove Device” or “Eject."

Pull the MicroSD card out of the card reader.

Place the MicroSD card into the Action Replay DSi.

Place the Action Replay DSi into the Nintendo DSi game port.

Turn on the DSi. After the Action Replay DSi loads, select "Files" from the main menu.

Press the "A" button or tap the "Continue" button to automatically import the code list from the Action Replay onto the MicroSD card.