How to Reset My XBox 360 Password

By Aaron Wein

Updated September 22, 2017

Reset your Xbox 360's parental controls password using the system's
i Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Xbox 360 includes a "Family Settings" feature, allowing you to customize the type of content you would like your children to view. So, for instance, if your child attempts to watch an R-rated movie, your settings may prevent the movie from playing. These parental controls all hinge on your chosen pass code, so if anyone gets hold of this secret keychain, they can access all of the console's content. Reset the password if necessary to keep your "Family Settings" secure.

Power on the Xbox 360 and open the dashboard menu, if necessary.

Select "Family Settings" from the "My Xbox" section of the dashboard. If you have a "Family Pack" Xbox Live subscription, choose "Family Center" from the "My Xbox" menu instead.

Choose "Console Safety." An on-screen keyboard opens.

Enter your current pass code and push "Start."

Go to "Change Pass Code." A "Set Pass Code" menu appears.

Select "Change Pass Code." An on-screen keyboard appears again.

Enter your new desired password and push "Start." Enter the password and push "Start" again to confirm the change. You are redirected to the "Set Pass Code" main menu. You may also change the "Pass Code Reset Question" and "Pass Code Reset Answer" in this menu if desired. If you forget your password, you can answer your secret question to reset the pass code.

Choose "Done." The "Console Safety" menu appears.

Choose "Save and Exit" to save the password reset.