How to Get Premium Items on Knight Elite

By Alfie Noakes

Updated September 22, 2017

"Knight Elite" is an online, Flash-based game created by Ninja Kiwi. Players must fight off 50 waves of monsters attacking their fort. There is various weaponry to use in the game but the very best weapons (the "Premium Items") must be bought using coins purchased online with real-world money.

Begin a game and click on the "Shop" icon at the bottom left of the game window.

Click on the "Premium" tab at the top of the game window.

Select the premium item you wish to purchase.

Click on "Buy Item."

If you are creating a new game, click on "Create a new account."

Enter your details including username, email address, password and date of birth. Click "Register."

Select your payment type: PayPal, mobile payments via Zong, credit card or gift card.

Select the number of coins you wish to purchase. Click on "Buy Now."

Enter your payment details and press "Buy Now."

Buy the premium item you want with the coins you have just purchased.