Birthday Games for Five to Eight-Year-Old Girls

By Krystal Miller

Updated September 22, 2017

Keep young girls busy and prevent boredom with fun games.
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Many young girls love to play games at a birthday party. If you are planning birthday games for girls age 5 to 8, use your imagination to create a few games the girls will enjoy. Games create social bonds between the girls and allow any girls that do not know each other a chance to make new friends. Entice the girls to participate in the games by awarding small prizes to the game winners.

Balloon Actions

Play an icebreaker game to get the party started and give the girls a chance to loosen up by acting silly. Write several fun actions on small slips of paper and insert a slip into an inflated balloon. Some examples of actions include cluck like a chicken, sing a verse from your favorite song, hop like a bunny and try to stand on your head. Have the girls sit in a circle and place the balloons in the middle of the circle. Make enough balloons for each to pop at least two. The girls will go around the circle and pop one balloon at a time.-

Ballerina Contest

Since many girls love to dance, play some music and have them pretend to be ballerinas. Tell the girls they are going to have a ballerina contest. The girls must act like ballerinas by standing on their tiptoes. Have them take their shoes and socks off before starting the game. The girl who can stand on her tiptoes the longest wins a prize.

Wicked Queen Tag

Select one girl to be the “wicked queen” and let all the other girls be princesses. Give each princess a small tube of glitter. Use rope to set boundaries so the girls know how far they can run. When the “wicked queen” says “Run,” the girls must run away from her. If the “wicked queen” tags a player, the player must freeze; she cannot move until another princess runs by and sprinkles glitter on her. Allow each girl a chance to be the “wicked queen.”

Powder Candy Stick Relay

Divide the girls into two teams and have each team line up in a single file line. Give each girl a plastic spoon. Place a small bowl at the end of each team line and give the first players in line a bag of candy pixie sticks (or powder candy-filled sticks). When you say “Race,” the first girl in line must pour the powder candy into the spoon of the second player in line. The girls must pass the powder candy down the line and the last girl must pour it into the team's bowl. The girls continue to transfer as much powder candy as they can down each team line. After five minutes, the team with the most powder candy in their bowl win the game.