How to Transfer Hip to Hip on Skate 3

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

"Skate 3" is an amateur skateboarding video game on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. In this game, you perform any trick that a professional skater conquers in real life. This includes a hip transfer, which is when you skate off of a ramp and land on another ramp perpendicular to the first one. Performing this in "Skate 3" takes only a few minutes.

Push the left analog stick up, skating toward the ramp.

Press "A" on the Xbox 360 or the "X" on the PS3 to speed up.

Release all keys as you skate off the ramp.

Move the left analog stick towards the ramp you want to land on. Landing on the second ramp completes the hip to hip transfer.