How to Address a Woman in a Formal Email

By Melly Parker

Updated September 28, 2017

Use the correct address when sending a formal email to a woman.
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Email is more popular than ever for business correspondence. It’s fast, efficient and much more convenient than going to the post office to send a letter. The problem with email is that it can encourage people to be less formal. When you’re sending a formal email, stay appropriate to the situation. Simply because you’re using a computer, don’t use slang or call someone by her first name. Even if you’re sending the letter to an email address that seems silly, resist the urge to make a play on words or in any way diminish the seriousness of the communication.

Write "Dear" as your salutation. Even though it is more commonly used in letter writing than emails, it will gives your email a formal touch.

Find out how the woman refers to herself. Not all married women go by "Mrs." Some choose to use "Ms." before their name. If she's unmarried, you can use "Miss." If you aren't sure, just choose "Ms." If you don't know the woman's name at all, use "Madam."

Write the name — not the first name, only the last — that she uses to refer to herself, if you know it. If not, as recommended above, stick with "Madam."

Include a comma after the name.