How to Load Sounds on an MPC 1000

by Seamus IslwynUpdated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Memory card

  • USB cord

Akai's MPC 1000 drum machine includes a full set of built-in drum samples for you to turn into beats. If you want to move beyond the preset sounds, you can load sounds in WAV format into the MPC 1000's memory, then assign them to pads on the drum machine. To do this, transfer the sounds from your computer to the MPC 1000's memory card, then load them using the drum machine's controls.

Insert the memory card into the memory card slot on the MPC 1000. Press the "Mode" key, then press "Pad 2 / Load." Connect the MPC 1000 to your computer using its USB cable.

Press the Windows key and "E" together to open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the folder that contains the sounds you want to load into the MPC 1000. Drag and drop the sounds onto the Windows Explorer icon for the MPC 1000. Right-click the MPC 1000 icon and click "Eject." Disconnect the USB cable.

Press the "Mode" button on the MPC 1000, then press "Pad 2 / Load." Use the up arrow cursor key to highlight the "File" field. Press the "Window" key.

Scroll through the files on the memory card using the up and down arrow keys. Open folders by highlighting them with the cursor, then pressing the right arrow key. Highlight the sound you want to load into the MPC 1000.

Press the "F5" key, which is located directly underneath the MPC 1000's LCD display, to load the sound into memory. Press the "F2" key to preview the sample.

Assign the sample to a pad by pressing the pad. Press "F5" to save the change.


To move sounds back to your computer, press "Pad 3 / Save," connect the MPC 1000 and drag and drop the sounds to your hard drive.


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