How to Get Rid of Adopted Kids in "Sims 3"

By Jayde M. Nichols

Updated September 22, 2017

"The Sims 3" allows players to create a family for their Sims through adoption, which involves a simple telephone call within the game. Occasionally, a Sim child will be adopted that players dislike. If this happens in your game, you have the options of restarting, deleting the adopted Sim or aging her up and kicking her out of the home.

Avoid saving your game before you have your Sim adopt a child. That way, if you dislike the child that comes home you can exit the game without saving and restart. Once the game starts again, adopt a child again; this process can be repeated until you end up with a child you like.

Age the adopted Sim as often as you can until he is an adult and you can kick him out of the home. Sims can be aged up by clicking on a birthday cake, as long as they are at least one day into their current age.

Use cheats to delete the Sim completely. Hold Ctrl-Shift-C so that the cheat box appears on top of your screen. Type "Testingcheatsenabled true" into the cheat box. Hold shift and click on your adopted Sim and then select "Delete Sim." This option will completely delete your Sim from existence and you can begin the adoption process again.